Pallets LLC - we are a pallet manufacturing company, introducing our new technology; the GreenBlock pallet

The GreenBlock is a durable, eco-friendly revolution in materials handling. GreenBlock is completely modular & works with all wood pallets, big or small. Made from high-impact co-polymer polypropylene that is both recycled and recyclable. GreenBlock not only offers greater strength over traditional all-wood pallets, it can reduce the amount of wood used in a standard GMA pallet by more than 50%. This light-weight solution addresses deforestation and wood pallet waste in landfills. An individual GreenBlock can support more than 1,500 lbs, and it weighs less than 1/5 of a pound. Combining nine GreenBlocks into one pallet, you can support 13,500 lbs of material with less than 2 lbs of GreenBlock support. This tremendous load bearing capacity is made possible by the octagonal structure that distributes stress throughout the GreenBlock, maximizing strength. Furthermore, the GreenBlock is designed to facilitate rapid assembly and ease of use with a double flange on the top and bottom of the leg. This facilitates attachment to top and bottom decking using pneumatic staples or nails, while minimizing assembly time. With the GreenBlock, not only will you save trees, you’ll save time and you’ll save money.
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