July 24 is National Tequila Day | Sharing My 6 Favorite Tequilas

Enjoy some Tequila July 24 or National Tequila Day - My 6 Favorite Tequilas Blanco - purest form not aged Joven - rare, its a blend reposado - aged for a couple months little bit of age to round it off Anejo - aged 1-3 years Extra Anejo - aged longer than 3 years Espolon - been around a few years, won a bunch of awards, 100% agave, a hint of sweet, piney and tropical fruit peppery finish Casa Dragones - fruit, citris, green apple, caramel, peppery finish $70 to $150. higher end bottles $300 to $500 Don Julio 70 - special edition, aged in oak barrels, its a clear anejo, honey and vanilla. Super smooth. great tequila for whiskey drinkers aged 18 months Don Julio 1942 - rested in oak barrels for 2 years, to celebrate the 60th anniversary of don julio, vanilla and nuts caramel tofee $150 Casa Noble Tequila Blanco - $40 a bottle. Double gold medal no burn super smooth, floral, almond, buttery Clase Azule - $70 a bottle super smooth.

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