International lAttorney Expands Course Offerings Seminars for lawyers are expanding|NewYork,NY PRWEB|Dena Falken

International Attorney Expands Course Offerings
Seminars for lawyers are expanding.
New York, NY (PRWEB) January 6, 2007 -- Dena Falken, esq., president and founder of Legal-EaseInternational, announced plans to expand the course offerings of her organization. For the past 15 years, Legal- Ease International, has been a leader in the training and placement of attorneys and legal professionals.
Specifically, Ms. Falken has personally trained thousands of attorneys worldwide in the use of Legal-English.The combination of personal training and the use of translation software has allowed numerous legal professionals to expand their businesses while expanding client services. Ms. Falken has trained legal professionals in Central and South America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. On-line course offerings are available to those individuals who are not able to attend a training session in person. Recently, Legal-EaseInternational announced a new series courses designed for the Hospitality Industry.
"With the expanded global economy, many individuals are doing business in countries without the appropriate multi-lingual skills. Realizing that over 10 percent of the world workforce is now employed in the service sector industries, a real need exists for corporations to properly train personnel in providing services at their optimum level," said Ms. Falken.
The recent announcement of plans to expand the Panama Canal, as well as a second potential canal being discussed for Nicaragua, has been followed with a record capital investment throughout Central and South America countries. This fact, coupled with the recent U.S. census report indicating that the Hispanic population is the fastest growing population in the United States, has created a real need for corporations to rethink the way they provide inservice training to their employees. Legal-Ease International has affordable training programs that will enable the user to gain valuable skills which will ultimately improve clientel services, and enhance a company's bottom line.
"A satisfied customer is our ultimate goal. Having properly trained employees, and management personnel is essential for any company doing business in todays global economy," said Ms. Falken.
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